John Davis - Therapeutic massage
Best I've ever had
I have been to between 12-15 professionals. John is THE BEST. I don't go for "feel good". I go because I'm an intense athlete (runner) and he does more effective work than anyone I know.
Matt W Client since October 2013
I saw John for the first time yesterday. He was recommended by a friend. I had soreness from a muscle pull in my lower back. John's technique and pressure was awesome. I feel like a new man. I'll be back for a follow soon.
Michael M Client since December 2014
John Davis as good as ever!
Was out of country for couple of yrs. Just got back & John was on my list of 1st people to contact. As always, he did not disappoint and his massage skills & knowledge are as good as ever - HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Brendan J Client since May 2011
Take twice monthly!
The best massage I've had that I've made part of my schedule whenever possible. John knows just what part needs it most and is a master at what he does.
Seth B. Client since October 2008
Great couples massage class with John!
It was amazing! John spent 3 hours going over basic and intermediate strokes and gave very personalized feedback and instruction. I always had a hard time giving massages because my hands would tire, but John showed me how to use my body weight so that I didn't tire out and could give a strong massage.
D.M. Client since April 2014
Great Bodywork!
John is amazing. He focuses on problem areas and works hard to release them. Regular sessions have made a big difference. I'd highly recommend John.
John K Client since November 2013
Best massage I've had in Boston, or anywhere!
Everytime I get massage from John Davis, I leave feeling relaxed and adjusted. He is a unique LMT in that he is equally professional and personable..
Emily C. Client since September 2008
Wicked awesome
John is an amazing masseur--very attentive and skilled in his craft. He gets incredible results through his experience and knowledge of health and wellness. I highly recommend him!
J.F. Client since July 2013
The Best
I work out 5 days a week and am a yoga instructor -- I can really do a number on my body! If it weren't for John and his fabulous massage therapy, I would be a wreck. I have had hundreds of massages worldwide and he really knows his stuff. I recommend him with 100% confidence!
Della Spring Client since February 2012
Exceeded My Expectations
I've had lots of massages over the years, and it's very nice to have a new experience. His touch is strong, yet purposeful. He totally tailored my massage to the body issues I was having that day - including a knee injury. Great job, John!
Roberto C Client since April 2014
Fantastic Work
After getting in a fuss over a parking ordeal, John was not only able to calm me but make my body feel totally relieved. It was truly amazing how well he kneaded out my knots and stresses. I will certainly be returning.
A.L. Client since September 2013
Great end of the week treat
John's deep tissue therapeutic massage was a perfect cure to a long and stressful week. He adjusted his technique to the areas of greatest tension and has always been eager to share helpful stretches and tips on being healthy.
Nelle C. Client since September 2008
Don't Hesitate
John knows what he's doing! You can tell he's a professional with a passion for knowledge and understanding the human body. The massages have renewed my muscles to their former glory and I feel great. John listens to you and your goals and helps you reach them. I'm now stretching every day and doing yoga to supplement the deep tissue massages.
Matt H Client since March 2014
Work out the kinks in your back, neck and shoulders
I don't know about you, but I'm at my desk all day with horrible posture. I store my stress in my shoulders [trapezius area] and my lower back. I went to John to work out some of this stress and left feeling like jello and/or melted butter. Or is that butta? It was awesome.. nice setting, music and great hands. Highly recommended.
M LaCasse Client since November 2008
Problem Solver
Many massage therapists are conservative, and don't actually press hard enough to do anything. John presses hard enough, but does it intelligently, working the muscles in the proper order to minimize pain. I had constant, painful muscle tension in my left shoulder, upper back, and neck. One visit to John cured me of three weeks of agony. When he assessed that some of the trouble could only be fixed by stretching, he recommended the appropriate stretches.
J.T. Client since September 2013
John offers theraputic massage that will leave you feeling balanced, better aligned and possibly (in my case) taller! The best massage I've ever had. John is friendly, professional and a master at his craft. I highly recommend him!
Melody B. Client since December 2008